Rain and my broken umbrella.

One evening I was returning from office when the usually hot and humid climate changed to something that spells rain. Being in a city where rain is unusual, i ignored those signs and walked leisurely, hot spicy dinner takeaway in one hand, soothing music playing from my mobile in the other. When i was just a few buildings away from my home, the rain started. And mind you. It didn’t start with the drizzle; water poured from the sky like someone broke the water container. Frantically i searched for the umbrella that I was sure I had in my bag. Only after opening the umbrella did I realize that I had been meaning to fix the metal rod that had broken already. Not only was I stranded in the heavy down pour, I also realized that I was helpless even with an umbrella in my hand. I waited for a few minutes for the rain to subside but the more I waited the heavier the downpour got. I had two options; either to wait until God knows when for the rain to get over or to get home drenched. Understandably I had not even given a thought about the umbrella that I had in my hand; waiting to be an aid to me; waiting to be of some use to me at the situation. With nothing  else to do than weigh the options, I scanned the street for known faces. I could only see one thing, people huddled under the shades of shops. And these people didn’t even a broken umbrella. That’s when I realized. Broken or not, at least I had an umbrella.

One time or the other, we all face adversaries;  Some too small to notice, some too huge to ignore. But the thing is, we all fail to see the broken umbrella that is with us. Yes of course, we would all wish/curse upon our luck that we had a perfectly fine umbrella but what we fail to understand is that, it is an umbrella nonetheless. And it is upon us to value it.